Your Ancestors Have Arrived in Dallas – See Them at Origins: Fossils from the Cradle of Humankind

The Perot Museum is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of Origins: Fossils from the Cradle of Humankind. In partnership with the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits University) and the National Geographic Society, Perot Museum will present fossils of two recently discovered ancient human relatives—Australopithecus sediba and Homo naledi. Geek out over these amazing finds at this exhibit on Saturday, October 19th!

With this being the first – and likely only – time these specimens will ever leave South Africa, the exhibition is making worldwide headlines. You’ll uncover the remarkable tales of the dedicated scientists making these groundbreaking discoveries and the questions that continue to inspire them. Their stories and those of these ancient fossils will inspire your inner explorer to dig deep into our common past and reflect on what it means to be human.

The exhibition also will showcase the collaboration and dedication demonstrated by a diverse, multinational scientific team of women and men, led by Professor Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand. The team’s historic breakthroughs depict an inspiring tale of innovation, courage, and collaboration in the search for a deeper understanding of humankind’s shared ancestry. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover our shared human history!

At the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, you can race a T. rex, challenge friends in robot competitions, explore the astonishing links between dinosaurs and modern-day birds, experience a simulated earthquake, journey through the universe, and test what it means to “be human.” Everything from dinosaurs to DNA to diamonds is packed into five levels of hands-on discovery and adventure. Perot Museum inspires the life-long learner in all of us.

Don’t miss your chance to see what National Geographic calls “one of the greatest fossil discoveries of the past half-century”! The purchase of an Origins: Fossils From the Cradle of Humankind ticket includes General Admission into the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.
Admission ranges from $21 to $30 for non-members. Tickets are available for purchase online at

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Event Time/Date:
Saturday, October 19, 2019—10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Perot Museum
2201 North Field Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

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